Documents coming from 14 different research institutions were irretrievably lost.

Supercomputers are mainly used for research purposes, as well as for complicated calculations and modeling.

Kyoto University in Japan owns one of these supercomputers.

However, scientists and researchers who have used the supercomputer for their research have no words of praise for it.

Due to an unexpected error during work, the supercomputer deleted millions of documents from its database.

According to the allegations, about 34 million documents were lost irretrievably, with a total weight of about 77 terabytes.

In its official statement, the university pointed out that it was not precisely identified what was the cause of this error and problem, as well as which documents were specifically deleted.

What is known is that the missing documents came from 14 different research institutions, and a large part of the documents was irretrievably lost.

The fugaku supercomputer, which deleted the data, was introduced last year and was announced as the fastest supercomputer and was used for research purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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