Western authorities have torn down a platform for buying and selling data of millions of people

Security agencies in several Western countries have demolished the online platform used to buy and sell hacked and stolen personal data of millions of people. Authorities said RaidForums had sold hundreds of sensitive databases, including credit card and social security numbers and bank account information, hacked or stolen from victims. The platform’s founder and chief

What is a database?

When all the data that are important for the functioning of a certain institution or individual are found in one place, then we are talking about a term known as a database. According to the definition, a database is a set or collection of data that is organized so that the user is given first

Data leaked to 637,000 state administration employees in Albania

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has apologized for leaking personal data from a government database. Data on about 637,000 employees in the state administration, as well as private individuals, were leaked, which contained ID card numbers, work status, and salary data. This information was disseminated through correspondence applications. “According to the preliminary analysis, it seems

What are sets of SQL statements?

All versions of the SQL language are characterized by three sets of commands. Manipulation commands, definition commands, and control commands. These commands are used through queries without much emphasis, so the division can be considered logical, more than real. Set of SQL control commands Control commands are used to handle server rights. These are the

Structured Query Language – SQL

SQL queries SQL(Structured Query Language) is a standard relational query language(ANSI and ISO standard). Its creator is Chamberlin, and it was created at IBM’s IBM Research Laboratory in San Jose, California in 1974, in the same place where Code defined the basic concepts of the relational data model in 1970. The language was initially called